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Tyre repair, puncture repair or a new tyre…

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Make Sure That You:

  • Check the tread depth of your tyres
  • Check and adjust tyre pressures as needed and as advised in your car manual
  • Check the appearance of your tyres for cuts & bulges
  • Benefits of Appropriate Tyre Care
  • Better handling
  • Improved safety
  • Longer tyre life
  • Reduced fuel consumption

Poor Tyre Condition can:

  • Double your stopping distance
  • Increase fuel consumption

Make sure that your car tyres meet legal requirements – drop into Hanly Motors and we will take a look for free!

Regular Tyre Checks

1 in 8 cars tyres on Irish roads are below the legal thread depth limit of 1.6mm. To make sure that your car tyres are taking care of you and your family, you should check their condition frequently and if you notice anything unusual, get in touch for sound, professional advice.

Remember 1.6mm thread depth is a legal requirement